Protein-Lipid & Lipid- Lipid Interactions

Lipid microarrays always give a learning base to the human lipidome. Exogenous types of fat are transported from the digestive system to the liver. After passing in to the circulatory system the chylomicrons are hydrolyzed by the lipoprotein lipase  which are endothelial-enslaved. The liver uses the exogenous type of fat and can discharge surplus lipids by means of VLDL into the blood. The VLDL leftovers which are remaining can either be taken up into the liver or are hydrolyzed into LDL. Both these types of Hypercholesterolemia are the most fluent and have significant danger elements for arteriosclerosis.

  • Binding of lipids to intrinsic membrane proteins in the bilayer
  • Perturbations of the lipid bilayer due to the presence of lateral membrane proteins
  • Backbone and solid chain dynamics of membrane proteins
  • Binding of peripheral membrane proteins to the lipid bilayer
  • Transducers
  • Lipid micro arrays

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